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What Does A World’s Strongest Man Contender Really Eat?

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has competed in The World’s Strongest Man competition four times and packs a serious punch at a humongous 28.3 stone but what does the man mountain eat on a daily basis to keep up his frame? Consuming a staggering 10,000 calories a day his bulking starts before breakfast as he knocks back 2 scoops of Dynamo gainer with full fat milk followed by a cup of green tea with a spoonful of coconut oil. Breakfast is a ‘high dose of carbs’ consisting of 100g of dry porridge oats with milk and strawberry jam, a piece of […]

Beautiful Amputee Girl Finds Best Friend In 3-legged Rescue Kitten

Two-year-old Scarlett Tipton tragically had to have her left arm amputated when a rare form of cancer took hold when she was just 10 months old. Rescue kitten Doc had her right paw amputated after she was involved in a car accident that saw her losing a limb. The Tipton family from California fell in love with Doc at first sight when they spotted her at a local shelter and on Christmas Eve they lovingly adopted her to be part of the family. “We wanted a little kitten to have Scarlette grow up with, so she has something that’s just […]

The Top 10 Most Incredible Things That Happened In 2015

As we venture into 2016 it’s hard not to focus on the negative things in the press that happened around the world in 2015 but here at Hot Right Now we want to shine some light on all the amazing things that happened in the past year. Which one was your favourite? 1 – The amazing man who bought turtles from a food market and released them back into the sea. If turtles could talk they would tell him he’s pretty awesome. 2 – The McDonald’s employee who took the time to help a disabled customer with his food. 3 […]

This Awesome Inflatable Sleep Hoodie Allows You To Take A Nap Absolutely Anywhere

Everyone loves a good nap but what do you do when you’re stuck in an uncomfortable chair without a pillow in sight? Luckily Californian based Kickstarter company Hypnos can solve your dilemma with this amazingly stylish hoodie that comes with an inflatable pillow in the hood which you can inflate anywhere for a super cosy nap. Designer Josh Woodle is a man who loves a good nap and is selling the hoodies at a mere $46 and comes in 3 colours with a relaxed or more slim fit so you can look good whilst napping good. See the hoodie in […]

Stunning Surreal Pictures Created Just with an iPhone

Charlie Davoli loves taking pictures with his iPhone and he does it on a daily basis. Some of those pictures become the base for his surreal landscapes that seem inspired by the work of Dali and De Chirico. His works are very popular on Instagram and it’s amazing to think that the editing process  is done on a regular iPhone.