What Does A World’s Strongest Man Contender Really Eat?

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has competed in The World’s Strongest Man competition four times and packs a serious punch at a humongous 28.3 stone but what does the man mountain eat on a daily basis to keep up his frame? Consuming a staggering 10,000 calories a day his bulking starts before breakfast as he knocks back 2 scoops of Dynamo gainer with full fat milk followed by a cup of green tea with a spoonful of coconut oil. Breakfast is a ‘high dose of carbs’ consisting of 100g of dry porridge oats with milk and strawberry jam, a piece of […]

You Wish Your Nan Was As Cool As These Grandma’s Drinking Fireball Whiskey

If you don’t know what Fireball Whiskey is you’re probably wondering why the hell you would care about some old ladies sipping on a glass of it but if you imagine hell mixed with cinnamon you’re pretty close to what Fireball Whiskey tastes like. These grandmas knock it back like it’s going out of fashion and we can’t help but salute them.

Watch Lesbians React To Touching A Penis For The First Time With Shocking Results

This video is completely safe for work and no penises were harmed in the making, that’s right, a video containing lesbians and penises is completely safe for work. Has it ever crossed your mind how a lesbian would react to touching a penis for the first time? Well wonder no more, this video is everything you hope it will be…

15 Jaw-dropping Facts About Porn You Wish You Didn’t Know

Not many people think about the great lengths that are involved in making porn, such as the people who have bent over backwards and pushed the industry to the limit in order to get adult entertainment to where it is today. Whilst most of us have watched porn there are a lot of presumptions about the industry and the performers who have climbed the ladder to become household names but what is it about porn that gets us all under the collar? 1 – The most searched term in 3 of the major adult entertainment websites is MILF, closely followed […]

Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet Again With Release Of New Kimoji App

Whilst it’s in the middle of a huge debate on privacy concerns it’s no secret Kim Kardashian is the queen of marketing as her new Kimoji app BROKE the app store with hoards of fans trying desperately to get their hands on the reality stars newest release. Unfortunately users have reported concerns about the apps privacy settings as the program is reported to collect anything user types which can include personal information such as addresses and high security information including credit card details and banking information. Before a user downloads the app they are warned:  ‘Full access allows the developer […]