You Wish Your Nan Was As Cool As These Grandma’s Drinking Fireball Whiskey

If you don’t know what Fireball Whiskey is you’re probably wondering why the hell you would care about some old ladies sipping on a glass of it but if you imagine hell mixed with cinnamon you’re pretty close to what Fireball Whiskey tastes like. These grandmas knock it back like it’s going out of fashion and we can’t help but salute them.

Watch Lesbians React To Touching A Penis For The First Time With Shocking Results

This video is completely safe for work and no penises were harmed in the making, that’s right, a video containing lesbians and penises is completely safe for work. Has it ever crossed your mind how a lesbian would react to touching a penis for the first time? Well wonder no more, this video is everything you hope it will be…