Stunning Surreal Pictures Created Just with an iPhone

Charlie Davoli loves taking pictures with his iPhone and he does it on a daily basis. Some of those pictures become the base for his surreal landscapes that seem inspired by the work of Dali and De Chirico. His works are very popular on Instagram and it’s amazing to think that the editing process  is done on a regular iPhone.              

Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet Again With Release Of New Kimoji App

Whilst it’s in the middle of a huge debate on privacy concerns it’s no secret Kim Kardashian is the queen of marketing as her new Kimoji app BROKE the app store with hoards of fans trying desperately to get their hands on the reality stars newest release. Unfortunately users have reported concerns about the apps privacy settings as the program is reported to collect anything user types which can include personal information such as addresses and high security information including credit card details and banking information. Before a user downloads the app they are warned:  ‘Full access allows the developer […]