Star Wars Characters Ancient Greece Style

Ever wondered what would some of your favourite Star Wars characters look like if they were reimagined by a classical sculptor? Neither have we, but French artist Travis Durden (not his real name, obviously, but a mash up of two of his favourite characters: Travis Bickle from the film Taxi Driver, and Tyler Durden from Fight Club) clearly has. He’s created a set of faux-marble statues which are a mash-up of some famous statues from the Louvre with the head of Star Wars characters. Some of the statues work better than others, but the results are nonetheless very interesting. We particularly […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Daughter Max Starts Baby Star Wars Trend In The Cutest Way Ever

Facebook brainbox Mark Zuckerberg almost broke the Internet as he posted a picture of uber cute baby daughter Max posing as a Jedi with the caption “The force is strong with this one”. Star Wars fans loved the adorable pic and were quick to comment with pictures of their own Jedi babies making the cutest thread we’ve ever seen.